The Lazy (but resourceful) EMT…

Well t’s Sunday folks and my creative juices haven’t extended beyond baking a pound cake. Why a pound cake? Because every bite you take you gain a pound, and not the good kind! So with a brain full of sourcream and sugar, I have decided not to write a blog entry but instead provide you with a bunch of wonderful online resources. Aka- great information from paramedics/EMTs who decided to write/create instead of bake. Many of these sites will help with school, keeping up to date, and expanding your practice. You can’t have all the right answers all the time, but it’s important to know reliable places to find them.

My Top Five Favorite Medical Sites/Pages: 

5. JEMS- Emergency Medical Services

You will have to check out this page on Facebook. It’s a place online to share experience and keep up to date with breaking news (even if it’s in the USA.) They cover topics such as how to heal after a tough call, and creating a culture of safety.

264376_10151458683819794_1873177043_n (Photo from Boston MVC: MCI’s are their theme for May)

4. GlobalMedic

Want to go international with your skills? Here’s the place to learn about volunteering for a very cool mission. Their goal is to provide maximum aid with minimum operating costs. Global Medic has done a lot of work in places like Sri Lanka, the Solomon Islands, Turkey, Pakistan, Somalia and Kenya.

3. Sketchy Medicine

A shout out to all you other visual learners out there! This site covers lots of topics and accompany’s them with drawings a two year old could understand. And they are usually funny. Win win.


2. Six Second ECG Simulator

As the front page brags, you can learn to identify the 27 most common ECG rhythms, and be able to do it quickly. Just click play and you will begin playing a fun and interactive learning game!


1. EMT/Paramedic

Another Facebook shout out. This is my favorite resource because 1) they post scenarios almost daily which show up (with pictures) in my livefeed. I can’t escape learning. The site is run by practicing paramedics in the States, and they have a huge fan base that participates. I have learned an incredible amount from this collective resource about differential diagnosis, treatment, and patient care in general. They will also answer (adept!) questions personally. 2) Did I mention the pictures? Great way to gross out your friends and family when you click “Like” and it shows up on THEIR livefeed!  Ok, maybe not always a good thing if your bestfriend has a weak stomach (Sorry Alysia!) 😀


What are your favorite medical sites? Post them below!


(Ps- Here’s the recipe to the pound cake 😉 )



2 thoughts on “The Lazy (but resourceful) EMT…

  1. Hey! Here’s another one for you:

    It’s laid back and can sometimes be a bore, but when some hot topics get brewing, oh baby!

    (On a completely unrelated note, I have no idea what my avatar is and it’s weirding me out.)

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