Driver’s Licence Rap


Now this is the story all about how 
I got my license changed, cus’ I’m a paramedic now 
I’d like to take a minute, or maybe more 
And I’ll tell you how I got from an F to a 4  

Back in Ontario, born and raised 
Is where I spent most of my student days 
Drivin’ around with just a G was cool 
But if you wanna drive an ambulance- you need an F, fool
Step one: Get the forms from my Doc’ and the cops 
So I traded them some pee and two hundred bucks   
Then I wrote a test, another forty down
And for a hundred more I drove an examiner around  

With my F in my wallet, Sask. gave me a job  
You know I needed money cus’ I’d just been robbed 
I wish I could say the story ended there 
But nah, forget it, my F’s no good here! 

At SGI they handed me a list: 
Go back to Step One: “SON OF A B*TCH!!!” 
I looked in my wallet and there ain’t much left,
But I gotta bite the bullet if I wanna work in Swift.

Note: To transfer my Ontario class F to the Saskatchewan equivalent of class 4, I don’t have to redo the testing portion. I just need another medical exam and a police check. I cannot use the ones I just had done in Ontario. In Ontario it cost about 200 dollars for just that combined portion of the process. Both documents have to be re-done in Saskatchewan. The licence itself in Saskatchewan costs about $25 for the year- finally something reasonable! I don’t know how much it is going to cost for the exam and check yet. I am going for a meet-and-greet with a potential doctor next week. The family doctor crisis is nation-wide by the way. If I don’t complete both tasks within 90 days, I get demoted from a class 4 to a 5 (equivalent to a G in Ontario)- at which point I would have to re-do and re-pay for the entire testing process. Insert swear words here.


Good night!


Comment: as an update, you do not require another police check when applying for your ambulance driver’s license in Saskatchewan. The lady at the licensing desk assumed driving an ambulance is the same as driving a taxi. Wtf. They didn’t reimburse my $25 either. Grr. Oh, and the medical cost $100 cash. Luckily, vehicle insurance is much cheaper out here so that made up for it all… a little bit.


5 thoughts on “Driver’s Licence Rap

  1. Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme Song by Will Smith and Son Jaden. Hah! ;P I can debit your account now or we can do pay pal. Luv ya, Ma (Paddle like hell, right?)

      • Now you are backing out. There was no clause stating I could not “ask the audience”. I’ll hold you to the dinner too. In October. It’s on the calendar, in case you were banking on me forgetting. Haha.

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