A Beautiful EMS Morning (a creative piece)

It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to write creatively. Mostly I’ve been focused on tech talks, didactic inquiries, and personal anecdotes. So it was a nice surprise when the urge crept up on me this week- likely because I was having a rare quiet moment at work. Here she goes…


A Beautiful EMS Morning

Our journey begins under a sleeve of darkness,

Before any of us feels ready.

For the few hours we are together, 

She is not a dying woman- 

We are travelling companions, 

Her weathered chariot guides,

Rocking along a dreamscape,

Destined for an Eastern horizon.

The black evening veil  folds down 

Revealing softer skies. 

Cotton lavender ghosts stretch

In their bedded ditches. 

Clouds of blackbirds taunt them,

Tied in time by invisible netting.

The pounding rubber beneath us

Lulls our guest into a sleepy trance.

My partner, a gentle gargoyle,

Perches attentively beside her cot,

Ready to cover cold toes 

Or fetch sips of water.

Dramatic measures will not be tolerated. 

A pallet of pinks and purples 

Splash across a thin peach blanket,

Neon stripes glow from their bellies.

The light betrays mule deer in the cattle pen,

And that the grass is still blonde.  

Her disease gives in to reprieve,

Tucked away by the navy curtain,

Tumbling slowly behind us.

The first lights of the city are jet streams

 Hanging golden crosshairs.

The sunrise is immediate and stunning,

I have no time to share it,

It steals the breath from my chest

And deserves it. 

 It is all over so quickly.

Early commuters rush to our sides-

Strange, rushing, pallbearers. 

Factory emissions punch out bruises-

A new setting not worth picturing. 

I can now stuff my hand beneath the pulsing sun,

And must exchange my night-vision for sunglasses.

I open the window so the air might 

Press against our cheeks like cool hands,

The noise it carries rustles my passengers.

Soon we will leave her under artificial lights,

With no windows to open. 

I hope she carries sweet thoughts there. 


Photocredit: http://wallpaperswide.com/road_at_sunrise-wallpapers.html


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