Paramedic Mental Health: Survey


I just took the Paramedic Association of Canada survey on paramedic metal health wellness.


I encourage everyone who is trained and employed as a paramedic in some capacity, including my fire and industrial buddies, to take this survey.

My hope is that the data will help improve awareness, bolster resources, and create strategies to address the mental health issues specific to our profession.

A 2012 Ottawa study of emergency service workers found that paramedics are the most likely to develop PTSD. 1

23 first responder suicides in the last 6 months in Canada is not acceptable. 2

We need to create a culture where we feel safe to have and share our feelings. We need better support to process our emotions constructively. Our managers need more comprehensive training, our peers deserve a better plan, and we must find the bravery to speak up. This conversation matters: be a part of it.

It’s ten minutes and it’s anonymous- take the survey- dooo ittt!

By the way- do you know what kind of mental health resources are available at your service?

It’s time to take care of ourselves….our whole selves.


Ps: Check out this article by one of my faves: “How to Save a Medic’s Life” by Kelly Grayson

10-2013 OunceofPreventionII






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