Make the Right Call


I want to share this recently uploaded video from Toronto Paramedic Services. Considering my last couple weeks it feels quite timely.

Wouldn’t it be great if the PAC made a national video like this? We know this is not a region specific issue.

Now from my personal files, more examples of Making the Wrong Call

  • Arthritic pain…for the last 10 years
  • Need to get away from wife
  • Gas pains
  • Started antibiotics and don’t feel better immediately (Thanks a lot culture of instant-gratification.)
  • Calling repeatedly despite nothing being wrong because you think it will get you placed in a nursing home faster (?)
  • Incarcertitis (Now you are wasting police AND EMS resources. Slow clap.)
  • Too obese to get out of your basement (Pleeease stop going in the basement.)
  • You’ve been having trouble walking (because your knee replacement surgery is next week)
  • You don’t really want to go to the hospital
  • You need a ride across town 
  • You haven’t harassed good looking people in uniform lately

Have a heroic day everyone 😉




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